“Shems is one of the few coaches
I consider a master in his field.
I especially appreciate his
ability to tune into the more
subtle levels within that only a
modern day shaman can be with.”

~ Diana Chapman

I Guide Men, Women & Couples Along The Path Of Empowering Your Life And Relationship


With commitment, support and a willing heart,
a whole new realm of possibilities will open up to you!

Empowered Loving: A Guide To Learning
and Growing Through Relationships

"I can think of few people I know who embody what they teach as authentically as Shems Heartwell and you are lucky to have him as your guide on your journey towards a more empowered way of living and loving. His wisdom and knowledge are timeless and his words resonate with truth and the first-hand experience of what he teaches. You are in good hands."

– Justin Faerman, Artist, Healer, Coach, Conscious Entrepreneur




A four day experiential journey at Sierra Hot Springs.



A year long Mentorship and catalytic learning environment


A 10-week Online Men's Empowerment Course.

“Working with Shems changed my life. He helped me process emotions that were deep, dark, and young. Stuff I would never have wanted to address on my own, nor would I have known how to. He has helped my relationship with my Husband, my daughter, my mother, and myself. I could not recommend him enough. He is truly a gift.”

-Shereen Thor

“I HIGHLY recommend Shems to any man ready to take his life to the next level of embodiment, potency, integrity, love, and true success. Shems IS the real deal!”

- Tobin Zivon

"Our work with Shems has been so valuable and transformative. He can cut through cross talk to the heart of the matter, help us to create space and movement where there is contraction and freeze, curiosity where there is defensiveness, and understanding where there is distrust. His skill in counseling comes not only from decades of extensive training and practice, but from walking his own journey in the sincerest and humblest of ways, with an absolute commitment to truth and growth, and an ocean of kindness.”

- Chloe Conger   https://www.chloeconger.com


Shems has been honing and sharing his craft for 20 years. He has mentored with some of the most influential teachers in the fields of coaching, healing, relationship, and transformation. He is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Coach, Relationship guide and Qi Gong teacher.

He blends his experience and knowledge into a unique way of coaching and mentoring that is on the leading edge of the human potential movement.

Shems is also a passionate athlete, gardener and musician, living with his beloved wife Achintya on the beautiful island of Maui.  

  • 20 years of Qi Gong study with various teachers, including Grand Master Zhou
  • Licensed Acupuncturist LAc. 
  • Studied Radical wholeness with Philip Shepherd author of New Self New World
  • Trained in Mystical Principals of Healing with Thomas Hubl