This is the real purpose of a meaningful and fulfilling life. 

Is it time to truly THRIVE in your relationships? 

Are you ready to uplevel everyTHING, to do what is needed to feed and sustain a wildly inspiring dance with life?

Whether you want to heal and transform your relationship OR step into a new frontier of living a more empowered life… Working with me is an opportunity to expand your capacity to LIVE and LOVE from your authentic wisdom and heart.

Sometimes all we need is experienced guidance, positive support, and impactful coaching for new possibilities to emerge in our life and relationship.

“I have done a lot of work with many teachers and working with Shems is truly exceptional.” 

- David Bruce Leonard, LAc

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“I HIGHLY recommend this to any man ready to take his life to the next level of embodiment, potency, integrity, love, and true success. Shems IS the real deal!”

- Tobin Zivon